Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NGRC Vacation

Hi Everyone,
Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have been on a working vacation. My family and I attended the National Garden Railway Convention in Tacoma. We had a very good time meeting friends, vendors, and customers that I have spoken to only by phone. We toured train layouts in the Seattle/Tacoma area and saw our products in use. The layouts people have in their gardens and homes are really spectacular.

When I first started Take Shape For Life (Medifast) I set a goal for myself to lose 50 pounds before leaving for this convention and I reached that goal plus one pound the day before we left. I can’t believe how much better I feel. I have so much more energy and enthusiasm. One night after dinner I was able to talk with my in-laws while walking up a Tacoma hill to our cars. This getting healthy adventure is really improving my life. I realize I still have a long way to go but I am feeling good about my progress so far.

While on our vacation I was pretty careful about what I ate. I did have a few small treats that were out of the norm but that is okay. Although I am on Medifast and am good about sticking to the plan, it is not my life. It is enhancing my life. A treat now and then is okay! I have to be honest and say I felt left out a couple time too, especially during a bbq event that the convention put on and one day when my family was having lunch out but during those times I just tried to focus on my goal and remember that after the meal I would feel better for sticking to the plan. If it would have been important to me I would have eaten whatever was set before me but it was more important for right now that I didn’t eat the other food. I am so thankful too for a husband that encourages me and supports me 100 percent!! I am really blessed.
I exercised a lot while on vacation. I went for walks each morning. One morning I got the family up early and had them hike with me down to the Sound (Puget Sound). It was quite a hike down to the water which meant it was quite a hike back up hill to get back to our trailer. We had a lot of fun on the beach though. The tide was out and we found lots of seaweed, puddles, birds, Jelly fish, and shells including baby sand dollars that were smaller than my finger tips. We also saw a man walk out to the water’s edge, strip down to swim trunks, and go swimming in the cold Sound water. Wow, now that is taking healthy living to an extreme.

What a memorable time this trip was. I have more to share but I have chores calling my name so I will post more later.

God Bless You on your journey!

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