Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today I finally tried the Medifast Gluten Free Pancake mix. I don't know if any of you are on Medifast that read this blog but if you are and haven't tried the pancakes yet, I would say give it a try. They are okay. I the plain ones that I cooked, could use a little cinnoman or pumpkin pie spice. They were a little bland but I put some sugar free syrup on mine and they were fine.
It will be nice to have a breakfast choice that looks somewhat like what my family is having. I have to say though they are not light and fluffy like Krusteaz mix pancakes but I am sure they are healthier.
One word of advise- Don't add too much water and don't over mix. I had to throw the first packet I mixed up away because I didn't properly follow the directions.
Hope this helps.

God Bless You on your journey!

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