Friday, August 20, 2010

Love wins

As my friend Aleta pulled away from Glendoveer this morning I noticed her sticker on the back window of her car "Love wins" and started to think about how blessed I am with friendships. The Lord gave me a "no one is a stranger" attitude, passed down from my Graw (grandma) and Mom so I have had no problem striking up conversations with people and new friendships blossom from there. I have long term friendships and short term friendship and I got to thinking about how blessed I am to see my friends out grow our friendship sometimes and move on. I remember as a teen being so threatened sometimes when I would feel a friend pulling away to be closer friends with someone else. As an adult I can appreciate more that the Lord gives us friendships to make life easier and those friendships are not always going to last our whole life through. They may be friends that I have made at my kids school, at church, camp, work, etc. Some do last the test of time but some fade and move on. I realized in thinking about it much during my second lap around Glendoveer how blessed I am to have experienced all types. I love my friends new and old. I treasure each laugh, tear, and each milestone we've experienced together but I also thank God that I have seen some of my closest friends grow into close friendships with others who will bless that stage in their lives more than I could. I don't know if my rambling makes since today, but it has been a heavy and amazing morning thinking about all the friendships (new and old) of my life. My life is so full because of them. LOVE WINS!

God Bless You on your journey!

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