Thursday, August 18, 2011

Worry Stinks

Morning Friends,
Okay this is the kind of thing I struggle with and I bet some of you struggle with too.

Self doubt and worry!! Yikes what a MONSTER!! A monster in my own head!

This is the deal today! I worked hard until late last night. Got a lot accomplished. Even took a break to enjoy the Summer evening with my daughter and her youth group. Great night, late night, but Great! Then at 6am my son comes in and wakes me because he needs something. He is okay, gets what he needs, and goes back to bed. What do I do???? Begin to toss and turn!!

My mind starts out the morning not proud of what I have accomplished but dreading what is ahead! The voice in my head says....Oh no - only 1 more day til that deadline, Oh no - only one more week til the race and you haven't trained like you should. Oh no- you need to walk more hills, you need to just get out and walk, NO you need to lose weight because you have gained, how much do you think you can lose in 1 week. Wait the deadline is tomorrow drop everything and focus on that. SHEESH!! I am defeated and overwhelmed and I haven't even stepped out of bed to start my day!

Do you have mornings like this?? I know I am not alone in this! Your circumstances might be different but I know that I am not the only one that feels like this.
I need you! We need each other! Time to show support. Not just for me but for all our friends that roll out of bed and the voice in their head has already become the enemy.

Come on my friends I need your best advice on what do you do on mornings when self doubt and worry get the best of you.

Do you have a favorite scripture, or favorite healthy food, or favorite morning routine.
I know I must run my own race but my mind is on pleasing others and not failing. Big self doubt and worry!!!!
Wow I am bearing my soul but you know what, I am positive I am not alone in this.
Please run with me!
Hebrews 12:1

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Blog Emphasis

Hello My Friends,

I think we all need a little support! A little "I have been there, and this is what worked for me." I continue to want to be healthier. I want to be grounded, and strong. I want to be confident. I want to be free of worry and regret. But recently I have run into road blocks in life and I have kept the road blocks secret. This only makes the road blocks BIGGER. The devil loves it when he get us alone to stew in our worries, regrets, and doubt. He does not want us to support each other and shine the light of encouragement and support on those things that hinder us in our race.

We need to share the road blocks we are facing. Encourage one another. Stand strong in the Lord and throw off all that hinders us! This is going to be a blog of encouragement. A blog that shines a light on the Road Blocks in life and eases the loneliness and doubt. Take courage we are running this race together!

I hope you will join me, share with me, encourage those that are walking or running a path you have already been down.

I am VERY blessed to have lots of friends and family that love me and show their love but even so, I have given in to discouragement, depression, worry and doubt! Lets make this a new day and a new blog. It won't make everything better but it will lend a little support and encouragement in the race!!!

Hebrew 12:1
Run with me!!