Sunday, August 22, 2010

Loose fitting pants and inner voices

Hello My Friends,
Yesterday was a day full of ups and downs......with my pants that is. I am nearing the 60 pound mark and I wore a pair of pants that just did not want to stay up. My funny kiddo, Jacob, went grocery shopping with me and thought it was so funny when I said my pants were falling off. "Oh mom my pants fell off once too" he said. Well mine didn't actually fall off but boy they were loose and I spent the day hiking them up. That is one hardship I didn't mind having.
On a little more serious note my inner voices have not always been nice to me this weekend. I went to a VERY important wedding this weekend, my ringbearer, a young man I dearly love was marrying his sweetheart. Beautiful day, Beautiful couple, ....and yikes beautiful cake. Here is my get healthy delimna. I love cake. They had a beautiful wedding cake at the reception. Infact there were 5 different flavors, 5 different layers, and mmmmmm did it look delicious. I was good and only had 2 small bites of Jason's dessert but the rest of the evening and part of Sunday I have battled with my thoughts. One voice saying "You should have had a piece. You are missing out. It won't hurt. You deserve it." Another voice saying "What did you do? 2 bites of cake...dum di dum dum!" And yet another voice saying "You did the right thing. You are fine with just 2 bites and move on satisfied. Yikes- I hate it when I have so many conflicting thoughts and feelings about food. This getting healthy thing isn't easy especially inside my head. :) It amazes me when I try to do a good thing, how the devil can get in my head and get me all mixed up. I am thankful for the quiet voiceof reassurance I know comes from the Lord and the louder voice I find in my very encouraging husband. Jason listens so patiently as I try to sort out the voices and my choices. Somedays the negitive voices win and other days I can find peace even with all the crazy thoughts. Yesterday my loose fitting pants only confirmed the quiet voices, I did the right thing, and I am satified!

Thank you Lord!

God Bless You on your journey!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Love wins

As my friend Aleta pulled away from Glendoveer this morning I noticed her sticker on the back window of her car "Love wins" and started to think about how blessed I am with friendships. The Lord gave me a "no one is a stranger" attitude, passed down from my Graw (grandma) and Mom so I have had no problem striking up conversations with people and new friendships blossom from there. I have long term friendships and short term friendship and I got to thinking about how blessed I am to see my friends out grow our friendship sometimes and move on. I remember as a teen being so threatened sometimes when I would feel a friend pulling away to be closer friends with someone else. As an adult I can appreciate more that the Lord gives us friendships to make life easier and those friendships are not always going to last our whole life through. They may be friends that I have made at my kids school, at church, camp, work, etc. Some do last the test of time but some fade and move on. I realized in thinking about it much during my second lap around Glendoveer how blessed I am to have experienced all types. I love my friends new and old. I treasure each laugh, tear, and each milestone we've experienced together but I also thank God that I have seen some of my closest friends grow into close friendships with others who will bless that stage in their lives more than I could. I don't know if my rambling makes since today, but it has been a heavy and amazing morning thinking about all the friendships (new and old) of my life. My life is so full because of them. LOVE WINS!

God Bless You on your journey!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Today I finally tried the Medifast Gluten Free Pancake mix. I don't know if any of you are on Medifast that read this blog but if you are and haven't tried the pancakes yet, I would say give it a try. They are okay. I the plain ones that I cooked, could use a little cinnoman or pumpkin pie spice. They were a little bland but I put some sugar free syrup on mine and they were fine.
It will be nice to have a breakfast choice that looks somewhat like what my family is having. I have to say though they are not light and fluffy like Krusteaz mix pancakes but I am sure they are healthier.
One word of advise- Don't add too much water and don't over mix. I had to throw the first packet I mixed up away because I didn't properly follow the directions.
Hope this helps.

God Bless You on your journey!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

#1 Summer Get Healthy goal accomplished

Yesterday evening I accomplished the one goal I have had since I started this Get Healthy journey.

My family and I hiked all the way to the top of Multnomah Falls!!!

I have to give you some history. For several years, once a Summer, while I am off doing something for church or shopping or just hanging out at home alone, Jason would take the kids on a Father-Child date and hike to the top of Multnomah Falls. The kids loved it. It was an annual tradition for them. I wasn't excluded for the hike I just couldn't join them because I couldn't even walk to the middle bridge. I was huffing and puffing usually just getting myself to the bottom view point. It was quite sad!

So when I started Take Shape for Life. I told Jason my #1 goal is to be able to hike to the top of Multnomah Falls with my family by the end of Summer.

It was a tough climb!! We started late in the evening when the weather had cooled down a bit. Jason packed lots of water in a backpack for all of us. He said I zipped along but that is not true I was awfully slow but determined. He said we could stop at the bridge but I wanted to go on. I didn't realize just what I was getting myself into. I hadn't been to the top since I was 20 or so.

At Multnomah Falls they have markers at every switchback. 1 of 11, 2 of 11, 3 of 11, and at 4 of 11 I cried. I didn't want to give up but I didn't think I could make it. I continued on with Jasons gentle encouragement and slowly we made it all the way to the top. One wonderful woman told us as we passed her on her way down that once you got to switchback 9 it was downhill. I really needed to hear that. Praise the Lord for that switchback. We made it all the way!!! It was dark when we reached the top viewpoint, the lights were on down below and we had the platform all to ourselves. What a GREAT moment!!! We took lots of pictures and then headed back down. Jason came prepared with a flashlight so we had no problem with the trail being dark. I even called my parents from the top, they have been such a great source of encouragement for me. I wanted them to share in my accomplishment. They were both excited.

What a night!!! I am so thankful I was able to make it to the top with family. It is exciting for me to show the kids how much Mommy is changing. Emma was an expert guide holding the flashlight and Jacob was my companion keeping me safe, holding my hand. I remember somewhere along the way down he asked if when I get healthy could we have a piece of Chocolate cake. I have to laugh at how a 9 year old boys mind works. I said sure maybe for one of our birthdays. Getting healthy doesn't mean giving up special things it means making them a special treat not an everyday indulgence.

I have a long way to go still but I am so happy about this accomplishment. Now I have got to think of a new #1 goal. I don't think I will ever forget this one though. How amazing, I thought as I stood at the Top last night. How Amazing!!!

May God Bless You on your journey!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

3 Month Anniversary

Funny, I greeted my amazing husband at the door this evening with a kiss and a hug and an announcement "Today is my 3 month anniversary". You should have seen his face. It was a look of happy and horror all at the same time. "Good for you, Honey" he said as he hugged me and thought to himself "oh no what anniversary, should I have bought a gift, am I in trouble?". I am so mean but I enjoyed that moment and then explained it had been 3 month exactly since I started this journey to good health.

My life has truly changed in 3 months. 3 months ago I was constantly saying I don't know if I can do this, I may not be able to do this, what if I lose the weight and then gain it back etc.... Today I have given up Mochas, I am exercising almost everyday, making right food choices most of the time, and wearing a top and pants that are 2 sizes smaller than what I had started in. My goodness, I can hardly believe it.

I am also now a blogger. Blogging about getting healthy....who would have guessed. I love that I officially have 10 people following my blog and many more friends on FB who say they read it. I get excited and can believe that some friends and family have even said that I have inspired them. Who me?! Inspiring other?! You all are the ones inspiring me. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

I am so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with so many wonderful people in my life who encourage me each day. I appreciate every single kind word!

It has been a GREAT anniversary. I can't wait to see what I blog about on my 6 month anniversary. :)

God Bless You on your journey!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NGRC Vacation

Hi Everyone,
Sorry it has been so long since my last post. I have been on a working vacation. My family and I attended the National Garden Railway Convention in Tacoma. We had a very good time meeting friends, vendors, and customers that I have spoken to only by phone. We toured train layouts in the Seattle/Tacoma area and saw our products in use. The layouts people have in their gardens and homes are really spectacular.

When I first started Take Shape For Life (Medifast) I set a goal for myself to lose 50 pounds before leaving for this convention and I reached that goal plus one pound the day before we left. I can’t believe how much better I feel. I have so much more energy and enthusiasm. One night after dinner I was able to talk with my in-laws while walking up a Tacoma hill to our cars. This getting healthy adventure is really improving my life. I realize I still have a long way to go but I am feeling good about my progress so far.

While on our vacation I was pretty careful about what I ate. I did have a few small treats that were out of the norm but that is okay. Although I am on Medifast and am good about sticking to the plan, it is not my life. It is enhancing my life. A treat now and then is okay! I have to be honest and say I felt left out a couple time too, especially during a bbq event that the convention put on and one day when my family was having lunch out but during those times I just tried to focus on my goal and remember that after the meal I would feel better for sticking to the plan. If it would have been important to me I would have eaten whatever was set before me but it was more important for right now that I didn’t eat the other food. I am so thankful too for a husband that encourages me and supports me 100 percent!! I am really blessed.
I exercised a lot while on vacation. I went for walks each morning. One morning I got the family up early and had them hike with me down to the Sound (Puget Sound). It was quite a hike down to the water which meant it was quite a hike back up hill to get back to our trailer. We had a lot of fun on the beach though. The tide was out and we found lots of seaweed, puddles, birds, Jelly fish, and shells including baby sand dollars that were smaller than my finger tips. We also saw a man walk out to the water’s edge, strip down to swim trunks, and go swimming in the cold Sound water. Wow, now that is taking healthy living to an extreme.

What a memorable time this trip was. I have more to share but I have chores calling my name so I will post more later.

God Bless You on your journey!