Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Day

This morning came with a much slower start because I am so sore from yesterday.
Last night at dinner we were talking about Emma having trouble sleeping so I suggested she and I go for a walk after dinner. Oh boy she was all for that, in fact she asked if we could walk 4 miles. Realizing that it is 2 miles to my folks house and 2 miles back we headed out on a "Mother-Daughter Bonding walk" at least that is what my sweet daughter called it. It was a hot evening and the walk seemed to take forever but the visit in the middle with my parents was nice and all that one on one with Emma was priceless, definitely worth the sore achey body through the night and this morning.
With my 2.3 mile walk in the morning and my 4 mile walk in the evening I walked 6.3 miles in one day. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???? Yikers, 2 months ago, going to work and home was a feat. The Lord has truly blessed me with a new outlook and adventurous spirit.
This morning I still walked but I only walked about a mile. I needed to recover :)
**Word of Advice** - Listen to your parents
As I left my driveway this morning I heard two teenage kids speaking a different language coming around the opposite corner towards me but I couldn't see them because of my neighbors love of Dodge vans. Nothing strange about hearing different languages in my neighborhood though since I am blessed to live in a city full of different cultures. I walked about a block and a half before I looked back because the voices were getting louder and I heard cursing and a little english regarding the government and their mother. To my surprise it was not 2 teens it was one 30 year old lady obviously tweeking on drugs. I prayed for her and for my safety since people on drugs are so unpredictable and kept walking knowing that a vet clinic was just ahead and if anything went wrong I could sneak in there. She ended up turning into a church parking lot before the vet clinic but my Dad's voice was ringing in my ears from a conversation 2 nights before. "SARAH YOU NEED TO BUY SOME PEPPER SPRAY!". He was pretty forceful but I poopoo'd the idea because I felt safe and had had no problems thus far. I think I will be buying some today. I also realize that whenever I don't listen to my parents even at my age, I am usually sorry. Sorry Pop!
Have a blessed day everyone!

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