Friday, July 30, 2010

Date Night Hike - Wahkeena Falls

What a beautiful night for a hike in the Gorge! Started out to see the waterfalls and maybe do a little hike. I was excited to see how much I could do. I knew I had made some progress since this Spring when we went to see Multnomah Falls and I had a hard time walking to the very lowest view point I definitely couldn't walk to the bridge viewpoint. No chance!

We arrived at Wahkeena Falls and thought we would try to walk up to the viewing bridge. Neither Jason or I had been up there since we were married. I made it to the bridge with one or two short stops along the way. It is really pretty up there. You are practically in the water, the Falls, falls right by the bridge. The spray was refreshing.

Then we noticed the path went further. Why not go a little further. A nice young man coming down the path said there was a nice viewpoint up and around the way a ways. I don't remember him saying a long ways.......hmmmm. Any way 1o switchbacks later, huffing and puffing, and after many little stops we met up with a group of 4 fun teen boys coming down the path. I asked how much further and they honestly said "A long ways". They had been hiking from Multnomah Falls. The trail at the top of Wahkeena connects with a trail to Multnomah Falls. They thought thats what I meant when I said how much further. Funny, I told them they were supposed to tell me "Not much further". They laughed and we talked a little more. They asked if we were going up and I told them we were. They said Good Luck it is worth it and off they went down the trail as we headed further up. It wasn't but 2 more switchbacks and we were there at Lemmon Viewpoint!!!!! What a great feeling to know we had made it to the top, THE TOP! We took a ton of pictures, called my folks because we were going to be late picking up Emma and headed back down.

What an accomplishment! I am so thankful for a patient husband who is in far better shape then me and yet walked each step slowly and waited each time I stopped without one complaint. Infact he told me to stop apologizing.

What a great Date night hike!!!

May you reach the TOP in whatever you are striving for today!!! God Bless!

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