Monday, September 20, 2010

I have lost a Matthew

For a few weeks I have been working towards the goal of taking this picture.
When I found out how much my sweet friend Matthew weighed I couldn't believe I was so close to losing a whole Matthew. Where was I storing a whole Matthew's worth of weight on my body? I know my body has changed but really a whole 10 year old (maybe 11, sorry Matthew if I got your age wrong)? Well Saturday September 18th (4 months and 1 week after starting this adventure) I weighed in and found out I had lost a whole Matthew plus one pound. :) EXCITING!!!

I love reaching goals and seeing results. It doesn't have to be a goal of weight loss to make me happy but this one is. Results make all the hard work worth it. I have to say I LOVE getting healthy. Daily choices are not always fun or easy but boy when I am seeing results it makes it all absolutely worth it.

At this point I am down 4 pant sizes, 1 shoe size, and 2 ring sizes. Awesome to be able to choose clothes for what they look like now not because they are the only thing in the store that fits.

Thank you my smiley friend Matthew for being such a sport about having your picture taken with me and thank you to his Mommy and so many others of you that support me and root me on to my many goals. I so appreciate all your kindness.

May God bless you, my friends, on your journey!


  1. I just showed this picture to Joel, and we both agree: you're looking fabulous. Just matches your fabulous spirit. :)

  2. SO very excited for you! You have absolutely worked hard. Many blessings Sarah!